A delayed launch.

I totally forgot about this game yall. Just found it on my hard drive. I coded it in may of 2020. Here's a "post mortem" of sorts.

What went well:

- the graphics and SFX are pretty nice. Simple, but gets the job done.

What I'd fix:

- janky platforming, i know how to fix this now.

- PLAYER FEEDBACK. When you die the level immediately resets. Not a good look. I'd put some sort of animation and sound there, or at least leave some sort of cross on the screen where the player died that turns into a power-up or something. That could be an interesting mechanic for the future.

- floating enemies, i know how to stop them from leaving the platform

Other tidbits:

 The original intention of this game was to try to make a fun but challenging platformer that teaches the player how to play it without putting a bunch of menus in the way. Everyone knows how to play platformers, so that's something that's trivial to do. However, upon doing some digging, there's another slightly longer version of this game with extra levels. However, these levels pad out the game quite a bit and are just there to teach basic concepts. They FEEL like tutorial levels, which is my pet peeve.

I will not be releasing that version.

All in all, it's a neat game. Maybe too hard near the end. Maybe even too basic. What are your thoughts?


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Dec 16, 2021
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Dec 16, 2021

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